Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oscar de La Renta Runway Show

and the pics i took..

I was lucky enough to attend the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011 runway show for fashion week tonight. I am KICKING MYSELF for not even noticing andre, grace coddington, anna wintour and sarah jessica parker right across the runway from me (i see the pics on getty) I was only in the third row, and had a great view of the dresses bc i was seated near the end of the runway, but didn't see the front portion of the front row. sad, sad, sad i didn't see them and take a picture. u know how i feel about these things. i am celebrity obsessed!!! : ( and the venue was SO SMALL too. i think the woman's head infront of me must have been perfectly aligned to block out all the ppl i was dying to see. they were a few feet from me, and i missed my chance. shoot me!!!!!

Good news though, the venue was gorgeous, albeit intimate, and the gowns were exquisite. Loved the sructured tailoring and the classic pouf of his gowns. The spring colors he chose were really bright and pretty as well. I very much enjoyed the show. Got to see famous models like Karlie, Chanel, and Karolina in person, just a few feet from me. They are all gorgeous and thin. I kept thinking to myself, that girl looks kind of like Karlie..she looks kind of like Chanel...then i see in my program it is them. I am a dummy! : )

The cab ride there took longer than the actual show, and because i was running late, i got there just in time for the show to begin. I think that's why i didn't get as many good pics of the famous ppl in the front row as i'd have liked. I was seated with the neiman marcus ppl (u can see on the chairs it says who u are, and who u r affiliated with etc)

Ok time for pics and videos.
first pic is of karolina kurkova
and i will just add pics from getty of the dresses i loved and the stars i missed!!
managed to take a video of the final run of gowns as well at the end of the show
what i wore to the show: my all time favorite, go-to purple silk mary jo bruno dress, my ann miller earrings, and my neon pink, satin louboutin kitten heels.


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