Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Collection of Vintage Mele Jewelry Boxes

...and I'm selling 6 boxes that aren't pictured here. love to put my costume jewelry collection in these, but now i have more boxes than jewelry...very rare to find the ones with pink velvet inside instead of red velvet..

Monday, August 8, 2011

My very first sewing project

Update: Look what I found! A pic of a jacket made from the same material! I got good taste..

The first thing I ever sewed!! soo proud of it!!!! it is a drawstring bag!!! The tweed is magical isn't it? Black with whisps of neon!!!! I am going to aim to sew for the rest of my life!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

blog lovin

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More Aura Quartz and Titanium Quartz Rings

Here are some i own:

And Pics on some from etsy seller TOFU4you:

pic from etsy seller AstralEye:

other examples from different seller:

More pics of Opalized Quartz

More Charles Albert Rings and the one I own

And the one I own:

Charles Albert Ring: The one that got away!!!

OMG. I die for this Charles Albert Opalized Quartz Ring. Set in Sterling Silver. Shoot me, it is gone.

Har Necklace

I've already posted previously on the bracelet. i now own the pin, bracelet, and earrings. but not the necklace. to get the complete set, i think the auction ends around $2500-$5000