Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back in NJ/NYC

Just an update for all of you. I started esthetician school today at Atelier Esthetique in Manhattan, NYC!!!!! I am so excited to embark on this new career of mine. I majored in Finance and did Accounting for a while, but I guess my heart wasn't in it after a couple years working. I wasn't designed for the corporate life!!!

I developed a fierce interest in skin and skincare products and ways to improve the skin after becoming addicted to facials in manhattan! the most luxurious, the most expert care is here. I am officially a believer! I've been fortunate enough to have had great skin most of my life, but facials have taken it TO THE NEXT LEVEL of perfection. I am a convert!

I suppose I will be poor for the rest of my life...but I think it's the best route for me. Now it is imperative that I meet and marry a filthy rich man in Manhattan. Even if the marriage fails and he divorces me, at least I will get half...

I will be in skin school for the next four months, full time from 9am-5pm. It is supposed to be the coldest winter in NY ever, and I'm not looking forward to trudging in the snow day in and day out. So far, it hasn't been too terribly bad, but today was a warmer one.

Ironically, I've taken a razor blade to my face and have created 11 scabs. My fellow students must be quite scared and wonder why the scabbed lady is in skin school! But my scabs will fall off, and I will have even better skin!

Can't wait for this new journey!

Wish me luck!!



Packing for NJ

Here's a pic of my precious Doey on top of the pile of clothes I was readying for my return trip to Hoboken. I kept picking her up and taking her down off the pile, and she kept returning!! Animals just love soft spots! They are so precious!! You can see the color of the crushed velvet dress Doey's sitting on is brighter in this pic!


legs and louboutins

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Leonard Paris Video 1

One of my Vintage Leonard Paris Silk Jersey Dresses. My voice sounds so weird in this!! Do I really sound like that?!! : )

Friday, January 1, 2010

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry is such a passion of mine. My mother and I have been collecting for years now. I was even a buyer for one of my dad's stores in Taiwan for a while. It was definitely the best job I ever had. I definitely need to find out how to shop for a living...
Here are a few pieces on a Herend Plate Queen Victoria Pattern. The rest of my collection is at home in NJ. I'll be sure to post some more when I get back.