Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Night Out

only to reappear once more:
crinoline and lace
iridescent sequins, theatrical forms of dress
bright pink and purple chiffon
dolman sleeves of silk charmeuse
a solid heel, a smooth leg, a lucite purse
long dangling earring drops, brilliant and blinding
hair curled and perfectly pinned
that perfect tendril, that pretty sheen
the lashes that ache to be longer
the shy smile, the bold laugh, the knowing eye
lips turned black with red wine
hair in gradual disarray
posture that slumps with the wear of the evening
taxi hailed in the late of night, early morning
painful heels kicked off at first chance
vestments strewn on the floor
oversized T-shirt on
makeup not washed off
catapult into the place-
of respite from the world
comforters over the head
sublime bliss of disappearing...