Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The ring

I'm currently getting commissioned...with CZ of course! flawless AAA rated CZ and will be set in either white gold or sterling silver dipped in platinum..haven't decided yet..

One thing I swore..

i'd never start collecting...scarves!! (another thing: perfume bottles..which I just started collecting for my dad's store in Taiwan...)

Here are some vintage scarves I've acquired so far. I've got so many more beautiful ones I haven't had the time to take pics of yet. they are all 100% silk and are made in france, italy, japan, and usa...and they come from all different decades...stay tuned for new additions...

orange leonard paris scarf

pierre balmain scarf

Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I collect- Things I love

Vintage Silk Dresses and blouses
Vintage Silk Scarves
Fountain Pens and Spencerian nibs
Sequined Blouses and dresses
Vintage Silk Kimonos
Christian Louboutin Heels
Manolo Blahnik Heels
Louis Vuitton vernis
Vintage Czech and other vintage Crystal Perfume Bottles
Vintage Crystal Stemware
Vintage Costume Jewelry
Pearl Necklaces
Cocktail rings
VIntage Chanel or modern Chanel
Lip glosses and various makeup items
Various Skincare products
Art Supplies like markers/colored pencils/glitter pens/paint/paint brushes
Various Vintage items
Designer and vintage sunglasses

Fun Nail Varnish Ideas

pic credit: ny magazine

pic credit: http://www.makemeblushhh.com



my pigments haul

my various pigments from tkbtrading, etsy, and ebay

tkb trading's pigment samples are quite generous!

so sorry the warm light of my kitchen distorts the true color/brightness of these pigments.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


and now for some bright, opaque lipsticks! fun!! why am I just now discovering all these fun colors of makeup?!!! Or maybe it's that I'm just now becoming interested in them.. : )

This is from a brand called lime crime. They specialize in super bright, opaque, high pigmented colors. And the lipstick packaging is really cute pink with a unicorn on it. Oh how I would have died for these when I was 7 yrs old. When I have a daughter, she is going to have the coolest makeup collection.

You can find lime crime lipsticks on ebay or amazon.



neon purple eyes

super bright neon purple eyes! sorry the light in my bathroom can't capture the true brightness or even true color of this powder pigment. it is uv reactive and glows in black light!

I need to do a group photo of all the colors of pigments I got in the mail!

to achieve look:

mix pigment powder with a few drops of mac's water based mixing medium
use brush to dab/paint onto eyes
use pointed q tip dipped in oil based makeup remover to create the edge you want, and remove excess powder

that's it! if i can do it, anyone can!!
I am an absolute retard when it comes to makeup!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

my fuchsia lips!!

u must click the collage to enlarge the photos.

okay, so i would say the attempt to duplicate the marc jacobs runway look for spring rtw 2010 was a success!

steps i went through for the lips:

1. apply aquaphor healing ointment onto lips (after exfoliating the lips really, really well)
2. line lips with rimmel lip liner in indian pink 004
3. apply shiseido perfect makeup fuchsia RS0324 lipstick
4. dip pointed q tip into the neon fluorescent pink pigment powder (also blacklight reactive! not safe for eyes, but ok for lips- from tkbtrading.com) and apply to lips

that's it! looks great in pics and EVEN BRIGHTER IN PERSON! i love it!

can't say how long it will last or how practical it would be for a night out on the town. but it is supposed to glow in blacklight!
so u can look great in the club too!

note: eyes were lined in bobbi brown and mac black track gel eyeliner and winged at ends.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Neon Pigments

Thanks to rarebirdfinds.typepad.com, and in my quest to duplicate the pink lips exactly...I've discovered tkbtrading.com..the place to get all ur neon pigments! I am still waiting for all my pigments to come in, but i can't wait to try them out. Went to an event last night and wore bright turquoise eye shadow by illamasqua (wet it) as i couldn't wait to test out the look of pigments! It will work much better once I use the right materials though!

so far, i've gotten pigment from tkbtrading.com, etsy.com, and ebay.com I've got to stop!! But u all know i'm obsessed with color!

pic credit: rarebirdfinds

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thinking Pink

Please someone tell me where to buy the exact shade of lipstick they used for Marc by Marc Jacobs' ready to wear runway show for spring 2010?!!!


I need this now!

UPDATE: after some internet sleuthing, i've found the answer!! it's shiseido "the makeup" lipstick in fuchsia!!

makeup artist: Dick Page, Shiseido’s Artistic Director

How to achieve:
prep with Aquaphor, the Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fuchsia (RS320), then a high pigment bright pink powder, dust with the Translucent Loose Powder from the Fall 2009 Collection.


Happy Halloween

me being lazy for halloween usually consists of donning one of my many vintage kimonos from the closet. but this time i actually painted my face white and got the geta shoes and socks for my outfit. we all went to a halloween costume party, but ended the night all drunk at the neighborhood bar..