Saturday, October 30, 2010

And what I found at...

What comes around, goes around..

Chanel premiere watch 1987 silver.

I once found a gold one for $75 at an antique shop, and resold it over $400!!

The premiere watch's face was modeled after their famed chanel no. 5 perfume bottle

and for now, i'll just dream about the one with diamonds around it!!

Accessories I wore that night

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


OMG, I WAS SO NERVOUS meeting my two fashion idols!!! Jane from, and Judy from
They held an event at the vintage store What Comes Around Goes Around in Soho, nyc.

Even though this was our first time meeting, I felt like I knew them. Must have been an odd feeling for them..having all these fans they've never met come up to them..Guess this is what being famous feels like!!

They are two of the sweetest ppl ever!! I was too nervous to even say goodbye. I was like, I worked up enough courage to say hi to them. that's enough for me for tonight!!!

I love Judy bc she has such an abundance mentality. Her and her daughter are so generous with their fashion knowledge, their insider tips, their ebay finds etc. I like that trait in people. I don't like the competitive, cut-throat aspect of the fashion world. These two bring such a breath of fresh air to the industry.

I follow their sites religiously!!

Please excuse the horrid photo of me. I am NOT PHOTOGENIC, AS WE ALL KNOW VERY WELL BY NOW. hence, the boringness of my blog to some degree. bc i can't really post photos of myself in my wears unless i had a brown paper bag over my head in every shot. and based on the angle i'm standing in this photo, i look twice the size i actually am!

that's why i've cut out half of me in the pic.

I was actually wearing a pretty cute outfit. I was wearing a sheer black chiffon ruffled blouse, and silk chiffon crepe balloon shorts, with two vintage czech crystal opera necklaces, black glitter ballet flats, and my black chanel cassette tape clutch.

All in all, it was a fun night! the drinks were amazing!! the fashion was great! (lots of vintage chanel!!)
Here's hoping to seeing jane and judy again one day!!!