Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Chanel Video I made!!

my first attempt at making a video through imovie..hope u like it.

Couture is only made in Paris...everything is hand sewn, hand stitched. each gown could go for hundreds of thousands of dollars... literally

most of the dresses in this video come from my favorite couture collection thus far, the Chanel Haute Couture spring/summer 2006 show in paris. I have yet to see a collection that's eclipsed it!!!

now THIS is what a wedding dress should look like. hand sewn, couture. this will give u an idea of what i would want to wear at my wedding!! ethereal, intricate, fantastical, unique

none of the ubiquitous, boring, strapless, satin wedding dresses...i've seen enough of them!!

karl lagerfeld and his one word- genius!!!


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