Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Virgen de Guadalupe

My friend margarita said this couture dress by Lacroix must have been inspired by the Virgen de Guadalupe..and she'd be right. It's quite iconic (as in madonna and the babe)..You must admire Lacroix's crazy antics on the runway...

I've never seen it actually worn by anyone yet, besides Dita in editorial shoots...


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Money Can't Buy Taste

And unfortunately, here is a tragic dress that cost Melania (or Donald Trump, rather) $200,000..a Dior Couture wedding dress that landed her on the cover of Vogue..

Sigh..I'd have to nix my love for this one. Though I love dior, and i love couture, this one just doesn't do it for me. It's also launched a thousand copies since its debut...

But I can't muster any love for it bc the silhouette is just too reminiscent of what I usually see in wedding dresses. that strapless, satin gown..ugh.

not to mention the mess at the bottom.. ironic, since i usually LOVE FUSSY...but somehow, it just doesn't work for me on this one..


On Lacroix

Here is a brilliant french master of couture...

As you can see, Christina Aguilera ripped this straight from the runway down to the crystal and red ribbon rose detail.. for her wedding..

I am not usually a fan of Aguilera's taste, but you can't fault her for gravitating towards this masterpiece of a creation...and I remember being pleasantly surprised with her choices..


dramatic dresses fit for a wedding

Monday, September 20, 2010

Uma in Christian Lacroix

click on the picture to enlarge

Uma got panned big time for this uber gorgeous lacroix dress she wore to the the 76th academy awards. she said in a magazine that no matter what anyone said, she still loved that dress. i totally agree with her. it is theatrical, whimsical..different..
not like the other boring dresses you usually see on the red carpet. i still have a soft spot for this dress. it is a beautiful creation.

btw, this is my first collage...still trying to figure things out..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Chanel Video I made!!

my first attempt at making a video through imovie..hope u like it.

Couture is only made in Paris...everything is hand sewn, hand stitched. each gown could go for hundreds of thousands of dollars... literally

most of the dresses in this video come from my favorite couture collection thus far, the Chanel Haute Couture spring/summer 2006 show in paris. I have yet to see a collection that's eclipsed it!!!

now THIS is what a wedding dress should look like. hand sewn, couture. this will give u an idea of what i would want to wear at my wedding!! ethereal, intricate, fantastical, unique

none of the ubiquitous, boring, strapless, satin wedding dresses...i've seen enough of them!!

karl lagerfeld and his one word- genius!!!


no wonder..

Am I retarded or what?!!

Apparently there were TWO showings of the oscar de la renta show, ha ha! one for celebs and press (5pm), and one for retailers and more press (6pm). i was at the second showing! I feel a little less dumb and confused as to why i missed grace coddington's bright red hair, and wintour's bob, and sjp and bryanboy etc!! i was like, what's wrong with me???

well my celebs were out of my grasp (by an hour) neways. at least i don't feel as bad that i was there and didn't see them! the venue was so small and intimate, i was aghast as to why i missed so many ppl. well..the venue was so small they had to make two showings!

well, at least i still got to see the famous models.

i figured this out from pictures published from the show, as i was so close to the front row and i didn't recognize some of the faces that should have been in front of me at the end of the runway.

detective candice rests.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Marchesa Spring 2011

Okay, so i've wanted to hate marchesa for a long time now. it seems to be the requisite designer for gowns..and georgina chapman just seems too pretty for me to take seriously as a designer..

but you can't deny the pretty details she adds to her dresses. she is quickly climbing up the ranks in my mind. her work looks couture and can hold its own with the likes of oscar de la renta and other more famous designers, for sure.

she isn't quite up there with lagerfeld, but i appreciate the intricate work exhibited in the fabric.

pics from spring 2011 runway