Sunday, September 19, 2010

no wonder..

Am I retarded or what?!!

Apparently there were TWO showings of the oscar de la renta show, ha ha! one for celebs and press (5pm), and one for retailers and more press (6pm). i was at the second showing! I feel a little less dumb and confused as to why i missed grace coddington's bright red hair, and wintour's bob, and sjp and bryanboy etc!! i was like, what's wrong with me???

well my celebs were out of my grasp (by an hour) neways. at least i don't feel as bad that i was there and didn't see them! the venue was so small and intimate, i was aghast as to why i missed so many ppl. well..the venue was so small they had to make two showings!

well, at least i still got to see the famous models.

i figured this out from pictures published from the show, as i was so close to the front row and i didn't recognize some of the faces that should have been in front of me at the end of the runway.

detective candice rests.


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