Sunday, November 7, 2010

my fuchsia lips!!

u must click the collage to enlarge the photos.

okay, so i would say the attempt to duplicate the marc jacobs runway look for spring rtw 2010 was a success!

steps i went through for the lips:

1. apply aquaphor healing ointment onto lips (after exfoliating the lips really, really well)
2. line lips with rimmel lip liner in indian pink 004
3. apply shiseido perfect makeup fuchsia RS0324 lipstick
4. dip pointed q tip into the neon fluorescent pink pigment powder (also blacklight reactive! not safe for eyes, but ok for lips- from and apply to lips

that's it! looks great in pics and EVEN BRIGHTER IN PERSON! i love it!

can't say how long it will last or how practical it would be for a night out on the town. but it is supposed to glow in blacklight!
so u can look great in the club too!

note: eyes were lined in bobbi brown and mac black track gel eyeliner and winged at ends.


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